Tuesday, June 27, 2017

How I Use Essential Oils

     Sometime in my early 20s I got really into holistic health. I bought a book that explained a few different approaches to this; everything from what teas to drink for various ailments to what acupressure points correlate to what body part. One of the things it touched on throughout though, was essential oils. A little bottle of plant liquid can help relieve a number of problems? Great! Sign me up. I googled 'essential oils' and pretty much bought the first ones I saw. I picked the basic ones like eucalyptus, lavender and marjoram (with hopes of helping with menstrual cramps). I used them a few times and after not seeing (or feeling) any results, discouragingly put them in my medicine cabinet and forgot about them. Until a few years ago.

     That's when my sister invited me to a doTERRA essential oil class. While I was still interested in learning about them, I was highly skeptical considering my last experience was less than impressive. The class was informative, but I still left unconvinced. It wouldn't be until a couple months later that my sister gave me some peppermint oil after complaining about a headache, and being completely amazed that within about 20 minutes the headache was gone. Maybe there was something to this. I ended up signing up as a Wellness Advocate for doTERRA and experimenting with different oils. I quickly realized that the oils I had previous experience with didn't even compare to the quality of what I was now using. Of course that's why they didn't work!

     So for the past couple years I've been using essential oils rather regularly, though I feel I have still only scratched the surface of what they can be used for. It can definitely be overwhelming trying to figure out what oils are good for what types of results. I wanted to start incorporating a bit of their uses on here, to not only share what I think are valuable products that can be helpful to everyone's life, but also to help me along on my own oil journey. And to hold me accountable for actually researching and experimenting more with their uses. You know how even though doing reports in school seemed tedious and boring, you somehow seemed to remember the information better having researched it, and written it down? That's what I'd like to happen. That by writing it down, it might go somewhere in my mind palace where I can pull out at a later time and go, "Oh yeah, ylang ylang oil is good for X, Y and Z.."

    So I'm going to start with the Top 5 things I use essential oils for everyday, so if you're new to oils, you can see the different ways they can be utilized.

1. I will usually add a few drops to my shower in the morning. Eucalyptus to help support my airways and Citrus Bliss to help uplift my mood. I also use Elevation which is another citrus blend or lavender for night time to de-stress. I'll usually just drop a couple drops onto the back of the bathtub where it slants so it's not being washed away by the water, but still gets picked up by the steam.  

2. Peppermint is my everything. It was the oil that made me a believer and it's still one I carry with me at all times. These two are always in my pocket at work because they help with two of my biggest anxiety-induced symptoms: nausea and headaches. I make a rollerball of about 10 drops peppermint with a couple drops lavender and Frankincense and carrier oil and apply it to the back of my neck and temples whenever I feel tension. And these peppermint beadlets are tiny little veggie caps filled with peppermint that you can pop in your mouth and suck on to help with an upset tummy or just to freshen your breath. Peppermint oil can also be used topically over the stomach, as well as the amazing blend DigestZen, which is good for all things indigestion.

3. This is my immunity blend that I cannot live without. It's a blend of 15 drops On Guard (a blend of wild orange, clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and rosemary), 10 drops Melaleuca (or tea tree oil), 10 drops lemon and 5 drops Frankincense and topped off with coconut oil. I put this on the bottom of my feet every day before I go to work and am around people and germs all day. I honestly could not tell you the last time I was really sick since using this. If I feel like I have been in contact with someone who is sick and have been exposed and need some extra support,  I will apply another round of the pre-diluted On Guard rollerball and a pre-diluted oregano oil either on the bottoms of my feet or down my spine before I go to bed. It's amazing! 

4. Another reason I feel like I've kept from getting sick is because I wash my hands all the time throughout the day. Especially with On Guard handwash. doTERRA makes their own handwash, but I also make it with 10-15 drops of On Guard oil, 2 tbsp of castile soap and the rest distilled water. 

5. Last, but certainly not least, I love diffusing oils. I have a few different diffusers that I use and love and almost always have them going when I'm home. I love looking up different recipes on Pinterest and getting ideas. I especially love to use it at night to help with restful sleep. My favorite nighttime blend right now is 1 drop each of Vetiver, Ceaderwood, Balance and Frankincense. It seriously puts me out. And my current favorite blend to diffuse during the day is one called California Coast which is 2 drops each of Wild Orange, Cedarwood, and Frankincense and 1 drop Rosemary. It's like having PCH in a bottle. 

I'm sure you guys either use or know someone who uses essential oils, or at least have seen posts about it on social media. They really do more than just make your room smell nice. They make you feel like you have more options than just Tylenol when you don't feel well (and trust me, anything where I don't have to swallow a pill is a win for me) or something natural to choose from instead of the chemical-laden products on the market. I don't really do the business side of doTERRA, but I would love to have a group or team or community to help each other learn more about it and share ideas with. If you'd like to purchase any of these oils, you can do so here. If you'd like to become a Wellness Advocate or sign up for a wholesale account, you do that here. If you're already using oils and want to share some knowledge, I'd love to hear it!

**While in the middle of writing this post, this book showed up in the mail as a surprise from my sister. I love when serendipitous things like that happen. I can't wait to read it and report back!

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