Sunday, May 22, 2011

Things From Around the Web

One of the cutest proposals ever.

It's so nice to know that even people in the Civil War had a sense of humor.

What a powerful image.

The coolest iphone charger ever?

The birds of Angry Birds, defined. It's pretty accurate.

How disappointed are you that you woke up today?

What a fun doodle cake!

I am so excited that Jimmy Fallon's Thank You Notes has been made into a book. It's one of my favorite bits he does.

This blog answers the age old question: your house is on fire, what do you grab?

These pictures are oh so lovely.


  1. That "disappointed" one cracked me up!

  2. I've seen that rainbow cake posted like 5 times, and everytime I click it and I love it even more. So creative and awesome and prettyyyyy. Love your link lists, always fun to go through :)


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