Monday, November 1, 2010

My Halloween Costume(s)

I was so excited I got to dress up TWICE for Halloween! My work was holding a costume contest on Saturday, and then we could dress up again on Sunday since it was Halloween. I decided to bring out the big guns for the contest and dress up as Tippi Hedren from The Birds again. And good thing I did--I won first place! Then for my regular Halloween costume I dressed up as Minnie Mouse. I'm pretty sure dressing up is my favorite thing in the world (as if you didn't already know that.)

What did you guys dress up as?


  1. great costumes!
    We don't tend to do the dressing up bit here in the UK, well unless there is a halloween party, the kids do, but they tend to always be witches/pumpkins/dracula same old same old!

  2. Oh you are so adorable. I love you as Minnie!


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