Wednesday, October 27, 2010

K-Mart Haul

As you may or may not know, Teen Vogue chose me to be 1 of 4 bloggers to check out and review some of K-Mart's lines including Bongo and Dream Out Loud which I've written about here on my blog before. Kmart and Teen Vogue were nice enough to let me go pick out some stuff first hand to try out (this is where the shopping haul comes in!) Unfortunately, a lot of the clothes I talked about in these posts I couldn't find at my K-Mart, or they didn't have my size. I really had my eye on this tunic ,jacket, and vest but alas I couldn't find them.

Here are the items I did get:
Dream Out Loud Belted Tunic, $16
Bongo Plaid Tunic, $16
GLO printed Tunic, $14 (in the video I say that I think it was suppose to be a dress but I'm going to wear it as a tunic, well dur, it's SUPPOSE to be a tunic!)
GLO studded belt tunic, $14
GLO Jayden Pumps, $17.49 (these are on sale on Kmart's site)
I can't find the black ankle boots on the site :( I tried, I promise!

So what do you guys think of the items I picked?


  1. This is really making me wish that K-mart wasnt just a US thing.. No k-mart in denmark..

    I guess i will have to swing by H&M in stead.. ;)

    The dress/tunics and the blue shoes would look really good together - she has a sharp eye, that shop assistant :)


  2. -you should enter!

  3. You got some really cute stuff!! We dont have KMart here either..

    you might like my Earring Giveaway (Turquoise and handmade)



  4. You found some great things! Especially those blue shoes! What's surprising to me the most is the Selina Gomez clothing line is cut quite larger than the Glo line. I figured Glo might be more catered towards the young adult, thus more appropriate sizing for hips and bust area. But good to know for future reference.


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