Thursday, July 1, 2010

Say It With Firecrackers

Every time I see those pop-it firecrackers at the store, I am always reminded of this dance routine by Fred Astaire in Holiday Inn. Notice how in the beginning he rolls up his pant cuffs to expose, in true Astaire fashion, his polka dot socks that match his polka dot belt that matches his polka dot ascot. I'm always in awe of how elegant and effortless his dancing AND outfits are. A true national treasure, that Astaire was.


  1. That was so fun. I now have a strange desire to get some polka dot socks.

  2. Thank you for posting this clip, it's awesome. One correction - which I hope makes you appreciate Fred's style even more - is that the socks and scarves are not covered in polka dots, but stars. Very hard to see during the number, except on the big screen, maybe, but there's a dialogue scene right before it when you can get a look at his ascot.


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