Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lusting: Lace-Up Boots


Haider Ackermann


adventure boots

1. Modcloth, $87.99
2.Urban Outfitters, $78.00
3.Delia's, $59.50
4. Net-a-Porter, $895
5. Modcloth, $109.99
6. Ruche, $68.99
7. ASOS, $185
8. ASOS, $93
9. Miss Selfridge, £50.00

Apparently, I'm a little late on this trend since I'm pulling images from Fall 2009 and Spring 2010 runway looks, but I still can't get enough of these boots. I like to called them "adventure boots" since it looks like the type of shoes you'd wear on an adventure... with Indiana Jones or perhaps a safari. There absolutely needs to be a pair of these in my fall wardrobe. No exceptions.

What do you guys think? Love 'em? Hate 'em?


  1. Love. I've been lusting after the Ruche ones ever since they first appeared on the site.

  2. I love the ones that have wedges, they make the look more feminine. My favourite pair is #1.

  3. I love them! I got an awesome pair form All saints when i was in paris. I wear them 24/7.

  4. Oh dear, I feel a sudden need for a flat pair of these. I totally love my black wedge pair.

  5. I need all of these shoes... Ugh now I want to go shopping! Cute blog too (:


  6. definitely LOVE them!! I was just reading on Budget Babe about Dolce Vita's line for Target. They have a FABULOUS pair of black lace up boots. Hopefully they won't be like those phantom CV for Target Wedges! Lol...


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