Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Words of Wisdom Wednesday

 Have you ever been somewhere or with someone and you suddenly feel like, what am I doing here? You feel strange and out of place, like you're forcing yourself to fit into something you don't belong. It's a tell-tale sign that it's probably time to leave. Sometimes it takes us awhile to realize this feeling because we're trying so hard to make it our story. It's something or someone we've wanted for so long, dreamed about, have strove towards. We can't accept the reality that it wasn't meant for us. But we cannot stay there. We must leave behind anything that no longer serves us, ceases to give us joy, or makes us feel less-than. Turn the page, start a new chapter... heck, open a new book. But do not let your eyes keep skimming the same paragraph over and over, not being able to retain anything you've read because it doesn't stir up passion or hold your interest. Go find something that is hard to put down. That is the story you belong in.

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