Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Fig Tree

              Yesterday, it was brought to my attention that there is a fig tree growing outside my bedroom window. A fig tree nobody ever planted. A tree, that up until yesterday, we all thought was just an annoying, oversized bush that I always asked to be cut down because it obstructed my view of what was going on outside. Not until yesterday, when the fig buds were pointed out to me, did I realize that I had been hindering it from bearing fruit by always asking for it to be cut down because I couldn't see beyond it.
             This reminded me of the parable (Luke 13:6-9) of the man who plants a fig tree that, for years, bears no fruit. When he asks the groundskeeper to cut it down, the groundskeeper tells him to leave it be for one more year, that he will dig around it and fertilize it, and if it still doesn't produce fruit in a year, he'll cut it down.
             I'm not sure what correlation there may be, if any. All I know is that once I stopped asking for the useless, annoying bush to be cut down, it turned into a tree that started producing fruit. It's not that it suddenly turned into a tree; it was always a tree, I just didn't know it. It needed time to do what it was supposed to do, and I needed time to see it for what it was.  The bush I thought was ruining my view was actually a productive tree trying to give me something.
             Perhaps the things we see as obstacles, the things we want so much to get rid of in our lives because we can't see past it, if we just let it be, and give it some time, will give us something we couldn't even fathom it was capable of bearing. 
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