Friday, April 26, 2013

Things From Around the Web

I apologize for the lack of substantial posts the past couple weeks-- last week I had a severe case of acid reflux that I thought permanently damaged my vocal chords (my voice is still hoarse). And this week I came down with bronchitis. Just my luck. So in between hacking up vital organs, here are some things I found around the internet:

Barbie without makeup. Pretty much what I look like all the time.

Julianne Moore as "Famous Works of Art".

Syria sends Boston their condolences, Boston responds.

Wondering what to read next? Use this flowchart to find out.

Mixed CDs of mixed emotions.

I watched Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close finally and I have to say, it was just okay. The best part about it was the renter's notes. For a book that was so well written in my opinion, I just don't think the movie did it justice. It lacked not just events from the book, but the whole underlying humor that the book had. How do you guys think the movie rated compared to the book?

But speaking of books,  I read Kelly Oxford's Everything Is Perfect When You're a Liar this week which is a collection of humorous essays, and it did not disappoint. I found myself laughing out loud more than once. Have any of you read it?

So those are just a few things from around the web this week. I think I'm going to go take some cough syrup and drink 50 more Capri Suns now. Hope you all have a great weekend. 

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