Saturday, August 4, 2012

Things From Around the Web

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is my new favorite web series. Does it get any better than Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David?

Winning the Olympic vault, 56 years apart.

 I'm a woman but not, like, a proper adult or anything.

Celebrities read mean tweets about themselves. Matt LeBlanc had me cracking up.

 If you've ever wondered what it's like to go to the Westminster Dog show... on acid.

What you've always wanted to say to people who respond to texts with "K."

Why Ryan Lochte is the best Olympian on Twitter. (6 & 18 had me dying)

Mr. Wizard being a dick to kids

I may or may not have bought this shirt, but this one is just as accurate.

If you wanted a mental image of Olympic divers on the toilet: here you go.

                                            Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Image: High divers from the 1908 London Olympics


  1. Oh, these were excellent! The Ryan Lochte one made my whole evening. Hahahahaha. Thank you!


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