Friday, September 30, 2011

Mini for a Mid-Term

I know what you're thinking, and no, this is not a mirage. This is in fact a (kind of) outfit post. I wore this to take a midterm. I know this isn't really a traditional lets-go-write-two-essays kind of outfit, but I went with it anyway. I was actually really nervous to take this exam. I'd spent the majority of two days typing up notes (that may or may not have suppose to be done over the course of a couple weeks.) but even doing terms and review questions I didn't feel very prepared. It was probably because it wasn't just a here's-50-multiple-choice-questions-make-an-educated-guess midterm. It was like a go-buy-a-blue-book-from-the-bookstore-cause-you're-going-to-spend-an-hour-writing-and-hating-your-life-and-probably-thinking-about-other-things.

So why wouldn't I wear a mini skirt and cowboy boots? Look good, feel good, right? And if nothing else, I wanted to at least look cute during my panic attack. I mean, what if it got so bad paramedics had to be called in? C'mon, I can't be around paramedics not lookin' my best.

So I got to class, and I sat down and I read the questions and immediately was like...

My mind went blank. Every lecture I had sat in, every note I had taken, every review question I had answered... went right out of my little ombre'd head. I sat there for a minute, and slowly pieces started to form in my brain like Mike TV on WonkaVision. Then it happened, I started to word vomit out of my pen, and within 45 minutes I had two essays under my belt. I only had to wipe my clamy hands on my skirt about 57 times. But as soon as I turned in my test I couldn't get out of class fast enough. You know when you have a weight lifted off of you and suddenly you have this sense of relief that makes you feel like you could do anything? That's what I felt like walking out. Walking to my car, a couple of pre-teen boys skating in the quad asked me how my day was. I said, "Great! How's yours?" because I work in retail and I know how to answer that question. Then I continued to walk to my car feeling like a million bucks, thinking to myself, "I probably should have asked where those kids' parents were..."

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  1. Love the skirt!! Ahh..that used to happen to me like very test I sat for. I hope it turns out ok, am sure it will!! Have a wonderful weekend :) xx


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