Wednesday, February 23, 2011

March Trends


There are so many trends I'm loving for Spring, I can hardly wait for it to get here. Even if they aren't trends necessarily from this season, or year, they're still my own personal trends that I want to currently wear. Like peplum skirts and dresses. I got the cutest vintage peplum dress off ebay that I'm itching to wear!

Also, feathers. I'm totally in this bohemian-hippie mind set right now, and for some reason I feel like feathers just embody that style. Being free like a bird, maybe? All I know is that I'm ready to pull out my feather earrings.

And lastly, prints! But more specifically, printed pants. I'm loving that pajama pants are in style since I want to throw all my skinny jeans away and start buying pants 2 sizes too big just so I can be extra comfy. I'm pretty against actually wearing pajamas in public, but I love that these have the comfort of pjs, yet are still chicer than all get-out. I think when it comes to pants, the bolder the print, the better!

Any trends catching your fancy?


  1. I'm amassing quite the collection of feather earrings... I'd like a peplum dress though, so cute!

  2. Thanks for talking about peplum skirts/dresses, I almost forgot about them. It's so cute ^^ so 50s or something, I need one!!! I'm also in a bohemain-70s-hippie mind.


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