Monday, September 25, 2017

Just the Basics

Shirt: Urban Outfitters Pants: Forever 21 Jacket: Kohl's Shoes: Vans

I know I sound like a broken record, but I really do feel like my style is being pulled more to the minimal side. My heart yearns for a capsule wardrobe, but my shopping addiction says no. 
But let me let you in on a little secret. I was really excited to start taking outfit photos again, until after a little while I remembered one of the downsides: the constant need to create new content. Meaning, when I go to my closet and head straight for my favorite jeans and shirt I immediately think, oh no I can't wear these, I've already gotten a picture wearing these, I have to wear something totally new. Which is great when you're trying to expand your taste and variety in outfits and are challenging yourself to come up with something new every day; but it's not so great when you fall into this 'I always have to have something new' mindset. That can be stressful and frankly, expensive. And sadly, your favorites that you love and could wear multiple times a week, just sit there. 

I, for one, really love seeing people use a capsule wardrobe because I like seeing pieces being used in multiple ways. I like the idea of a practical, functional (and comfortable) closet. And while I don't necessarily want to bind myself to 30 set pieces while ignoring everything else in my closet, I don't want to not wear things I love because I've already shown them on here and fear it might be boring. I promise I will try to keep things revolving and used in different ways, but I don't by any means have an eccentric style. Earlier in this blog (like, 8 years ago) I did try to have a somewhat eclectic, quirky style. Yet as I got older (and perhaps lazier) I just wanted to keep things simple. Life's stressful enough as it is, I don't need to add uncomfortable over-the-top clothes to it. I always think of this Gap commercial, and the tag line 'let your actions speak louder than your clothes'. That's pretty much going to be my mantra from now on. It can be casual and still be cute, and every now and then, make it over-the-top, because you can still play dress up. Life's stressful, but it isn't that serious. /end rant on justifying a jeans and t-shirt post haha.

Other outfits with these pieces:


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