Thursday, April 29, 2010

Birthday Outfit

palm springs

palm springs

palm springs


My birthday was on Tuesday, and if you read a couple posts ago, I was going to be spending it in Palm Springs. It was such a warm, sunny day! Perfect birthday weather. The day included opening presents in bed, lounging around the pool, eating an Amigo burger at King's Highway and eating dinner at Las Casuelas with a couple of surprise visitors, my sister and friend Maria :) All in all it was a wonderful way to spend my birthday!

Dress (bday present from last year): Anthropologie
Shoes (bday present from this year): Anthropologie
Vest: Fossil
Necklace: Complimentary Birthday candle necklace from Anthropologie

This was quite an Anthropologie outfit. How every birthday outfit should be, right?

Links a la Mode

links a la mode

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Palm Springs or Bust!

I'm going to be MIA for the next couple days because I'm leaving to go to Palm Springs to celebrate my 23rd birthday! We're staying at The Ace Hotel, which I couldn't be more excited about. I can't wait to just relax by the pool and eat some good Mexican food. Don't miss me too much :)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Happy Saturday

"Recognize what is surely a universal truth: Jimmy Stewart is always and indisputably the best man in the world, unless Cary Grant should happen to show up."

--Marisa De los Santos,
Love Walked In

Image via We Heart It

Friday, April 23, 2010

Film Styles: Chocolat


Movie: Chocolat
Year: 2000
Costume Designer: Renee Ehrlich Kalfus (other movies include: What's Eating Gilbert Grape, The Cider House Rules and Pay It Forward)

If I can quote I Love You, Man... Chocolat... It's a beautiful movie. It's almost impossible to watch this movie and not be craving chocolate before the end credits start rolling. My best friend used to work at See's right next to a movie theater, and she said that when this movie came out they were packed every single night after the movie let out. But what's just as sweet as all the chocolate (cheesy segway, my apologies) is all the amazing costumes.

The movie takes place in a small quiet town in the 1960's full of conservative, church-going people who wear black shoes. Vianne does not. She wears pencil skirts, and off the shoulder tops, with red shoes and belts cinching her waist. There's even a point in the movie where her daughter, Roux asks, "Why can't you wear black shoes like all the other mothers?" Vianne is a strong, independent woman whose confidence shines through her clothes. I love the colors and the silhouettes of the retro 1960's pieces. On the dvd there's a great special feature where Renee, the costume designer, discusses how she came up with the different costumes for each character. She explains that the character Josephine is first introduced as an abused wife wearing frumpy, homely looking clothes. When she finally leaves her abusive relationship and becomes more confident in herself, her clothing starts to reflect that, some outfits even channeling sex symbol, Bridgette Bardot.

It's amazing how much a costume can really make a character and reveal so much of their personality. I secretly want to be Vianne. Own my own chocolaterie in France, stand up for what I believe is right, be strong and courageous... and wear full skirts with cinch waists. Ah, a girl can dream, right?

Earth Day

earth day

earth day

earth day

This outfit really doesn't have anything to do with Earth Day, or being eco-conscious, which is shame on me, but at least I'm being truthful. That's got to count for something, right?
It's been so raining and gloomy here all week. It's bumming me out. Here I'm starting to get together spring dresses and sandals, and now I have to pull out my tights, boots and peacoat. What's up, California?! Hopefully all these April showers will, in fact, bring May flowers.

Dress: Ruche
Peacoat: Forever 21
Scarf: Anthropologie
Boots: Alloy

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Words of Wisdom Wednesday

via Hey, I just found this

From Runway to Hallway: Michael Kors 2010RST









I've been meaning to do this Michael Kors Resort 2010 collection ever since I first saw it. It's so simple and classic. He says his influences for the collection were Asia and 70's disco. I can definitely see it in the gold and wrap draping. So perfect.

Love it? Hate it? Wearable? Not even close? If you ask me, I think I actually got some pretty good outfit ideas from this collection that I never would have thought of. And that's the whole point, right?

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Happy Saturday

"If a girl looks swell when she meets you, who gives a damn if she's late? Nobody."
--J.D. Salinger, The Catcher in the Rye

image we heart it

Friday, April 16, 2010

Film Styles: Easter Parade


Movie: Easter Parade
Year: 1948
Costume Designers: Irene and Valles

I saw Easter Parade for the first time only a couple of years ago, and I remember from the very opening scene where Fred Astaire is walking down the street whistling wearing a gray suit, white vest, pink shirt with a cobalt blue carnation in his lapel and white spats over his shoes being completely mesmerized by the costumes.
I know that once making movies in color became popular, costumes became more colorful and extravagant so it would show up better on technicolor (think Dorothy's red shoes in The Wizard of Oz, did you know in the book version her shoes are actually white?) But Easter Parade takes it to a whole other level.

Throughout the film the costumes become even more colorful and eye-catching. Watch Fred Astaire's ties and pocket squares: striped, gingham, polka-dot. Even in his "Steppin' Out With My Baby" routine he's wearing a red bowtie that matches his red vest that matches his red socks. Judy Garland is no different. She wears everything from a gingham skirt to a sea green vest to pink elbow-length gloves to a huge yellow brooch of daisies.

Easter Parade is one of my favorite movies to watch because it's so pleasing to the eye. So many costumes of different color and patterns, it makes you happy just watching it.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dress Squared

dress squared

Dress Squared

dress squared

Striped dress: American Apparel
Trapeze dress: Urban Outfitters
Belt: Thrifted
Shoes: Steve Madden

I don't think I've ever worn this striped dress as an actual dress. It's so short that I always just wear it as a tunic or top, but I felt that maybe if I doubled it up with another dress, I could wear it. I think it worked.

I wore this outfit to go shopping with my mom, and we made a stop at Wal-mart (If I can be honest, I'm not the biggest fan of Wal-mart and haven't been there in years. I'm more of a Target girl myself) I could tell I was getting some looks from people but I just ignored it. My mom noticed it too and told me, "people just aren't used to seeing someone dressed like you, clothes aren't as important to a lot of people as they are to you" (and by 'important' she didn't mean materialistically, but more of a taking pride in my appearance sort of way) In my mind I don't think I'm overdressed or dressed weirdly, but then I realized that the majority of people go about their daily business wearing velour sweatsuits or just jeans and a t-shirt. I work at a grocery store (where I wear a uniform so I like to take advantage of the days I can put together an outfit) and just for fun one day I decided to count all the people I saw come in wearing pajamas. I think I counted 15 people during a 5 hour shift. It was kind of ridiculous. I can't do that. I can't go out wearing pajama bottoms or sweats. I even have a hard time wearing jeans if it isn't a pair of cute skinnies with boots or wedges. My sister and I had a conversation one time about how girls (especially celebrities) always claim they're just a "jeans and t-shirt type girl" and how we are so opposite of a jeans and t-shirt type girl because we don't even really like jeans. They're kind of uncomfortable actually. I'd pick a flowy sundress over jeans any day. I think this rant has gone off somewhere... let me get back to what I was saying.

Yes, I get looks from people when I'm out because of stuff I wear. Being apart of the blogosphere and reading all these different fashion blogs, and seeing all your wonderful and unique styles, I don't think the clothes I pick out are out of the ordinary. I feel like they're pretty standard (maybe even a bit under-par) with other fashion bloggers. and you guys make me want to push my style even more and try to be even more creative with my outfit choices. But it's hard when it makes you stick out like a sore thumb depending on where you live. The way I see it is: every day should be a special occasion. Just the fact we wake up everyday should be a good enough reason to put on something that makes you feel your best. Life's short, dress up. I guess this whole vent is to throw out the question: Do you get looks and stares when you go out because of the way you dress? Does it bother you? Do you think today's society dresses TOO casual? Do you think we need to give more thought to what we wear?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Three Coins in the Fountain

three coins in the fountain



My niece is obsessed with throwing coins into the fountain to make a wish. She kept going into my bag to get my coin purse, so finally I had to regulate to make sure she wasn't making 25cent wishes. She actually talked me into giving her TWO coins though because she wanted to give one to a little boy she was playing with.


So I had to watch and make sure she actually gave the other penny to the boy, and she did. It was really cute her wanting to share with some random kid.

sitting in the trunk

and to top it off I got stuck sitting in this ridiculous pop-up seat in the trunk of my sister's car. Literally. It's in the trunk. So I got to sit in this makeshift seat next to a stroller and a kite and other random objects. I'm just glad we didn't get into an accident, there's no possible way that seat passed any sort of safety inspection.

But other than that, it was a fabulous lunch by the fountain!

Dress: Gap
Jacket: H&M
Sandals: Forever 21

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weardrobe Spotlight

Today I'm on Weardrobe's spotlight feature! I've never had my picture grace across a website header before-- it's kind of the coolest thing ever. Thanks, Weardrobe!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Copy Cat




The inspiration for this outfit came from Elaine's striped shirt/white skirt/leather jacket combo, and by 'inspiration' I mean just blatantly copying, haha. Thanks, Elaine for a great outfit idea!

shirt: Kohl's
Skirt: Ross
Jacket: H&M
Sandals: Forever 21

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I'm not sure how many of you, if any, are still in high school but I couldn't help but notice it was that time of the year again: PROM. And even if none of you are in high school, it's still fun to talk and reminisce about, right?

I was shopping with my bestie the other day and we were passing the "prom section" of a department store, and I said something like, "aw, I want to get dressed up and go to prom again" and I started thinking of what I would have done differently if I were given the chance to go to another prom and I came to the conclusion that, I wouldn't have done anything different. My prom dresses both came about in kind of funny ways, but they were so me and were so perfect. Let me tell you about them on a trip down high school memory lane.


I have never really been the type of girl to go straight to the mall or department store to find a dress for any occasion and prom was no different. So I hadn't even starting looking for dresses when this dress came into my life. One day my mom just casually mentioned, "oh yeah, by the way, I found this adorable vintage dress on ebay that I thought you might like for prom, so I bought it" haha. I was like really? sweet. When the dress arrived, I loved it. The polka dots, the sweetheart neckline, the tiered ruffles... and when I tried it on, it fit me perfectly. It was fate. My mom and I went to JoAnns and bought some bright red ribbon to tie around my waist, some red and black crinoline to make a petticoat for extra volume, I bought some vintage red heels with polka dot bow clips from ebay and I had myself a prom outfit. I did my own hair and makeup, so the total cost of everything was probably like $65, if that. It was so wonderfully stress-free. I could have lived in that dress, I never wanted to take it off. But I had to, because, well... there was senior prom!


Senior year I did go out and look for a dress. but my luck was horrible. I went to numerous vintage stores and scoured ebay for the perfect dress. I had no idea what I wanted, but I knew I hadn't found it. My dress didn't just fall into my lap so easily like the year before. While we were out I found thee perfect pair of Steve Madden leopard print heels-- on sale! They had this little glittery decal on the toe and looked so 40's, I had to have them. They were a size too small, but that was just a small detail, I would shove my foot into it if I had to (and I did), who needs to feel like Cinderella, anyway? So I decided that I had to make a dress around these shoes. And then I realized that the only way I could get what I wanted, was to make it myself, or er... have my mom make it for me (she made the majority of the dresses or skirts I wore to dances throughout high school-- they deserve a post all their own). So I picked out this great 1960's vintage dress pattern, a pattern for a cape and some coral and leopard material and the rest is history. My mom made me this beautiful vintage-inspired slim-fitting dress, a leopard cape with a matching leopard and lace slip that peeked out underneath my dress and I felt like a million bucks (oh and did I mention she even made my date's leopard tie?). and I knew not a single person would have my same dress on.
Thankfully, I was going to cosmetology school at the time, so one of my cosmo friends did my hair and nails for me at school and my sister did my makeup. So I didn't pay for anything except the shoes and some material.

So now you can see that even looking back, I can't think of a single thing to change about my prom looks. I was probably more of a risk-taker in terms of clothes when I was in high school than I am now, if you can believe that. So big poofy polka dot and salmon-colored dresses with leopard capes and bright platinum blonde hair was just so me.

I thought it'd be fun to make some prom sets on polyvore. One of a recreation of one of my looks, and one that's a more grown-up red carpet, if you will, look based on the same outfit.

prom-- then

prom-- now

I'd love to hear (or even see!) your prom outfits. Do you love what you wore? Do you regret what you wore? Would you do anything differently?
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