Thursday, June 2, 2016

Sunshine of Your Love


Clearly still being inspired by Woodstock, I decided to take my printed bell bottoms out for a spin. They might be one of the most comfortable pants I own. But my favorite part of my outfit has to be these gold temporary tattoos I bought on a whim from Sephora. I'm not a big jewelry person; I either forget to wear it or when I do, it bugs me. I figured I'd try these out since I like the idea of adding something to the overall look without them clunking around, getting in the way, and of course, not being permanent.  Granted, I know it's not really an accessory if it's being covered by my shirt, but I kind of like the idea of being the only one who knows it's there. Or we can just say I was testing the placement for bikini season ;).

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Film Styles: Woodstock

While nowadays summer is known as festival season, the one festival that started it all was Woodstock. Three days of peace, love and groovy threads. Even though it happened almost 20 years before I was born, I've always had an affinity towards 60s and 70s culture, music, and style. In elementary school I wore flower-embroidered bell-bottoms and had peace signs on my bedroom walls. And while my style has evolved and I don't really stick to any one particular style, the warm weather always pulls me back to the relaxed, free-spirited styles of yesteryear.

While watching the documentary, I noticed a few different things. The first one was the majority of the guys' style was jeans and no shirt. No shoes, no shirt, no problem, right? The other was that fringe was very popular. Everyone from Roger Daltrey to Grace Slick to Jimi Hendrix sported it. Noticeably absent, though: flower crowns. But bandanas tied around the neck that seems to be the latest trend right now, and very popular at Coachella, were all over Woodstock.  Maybe we stole the trend from them, maybe they stole it from the cowboys, who's to say? Everything old becomes new again. For the women, there was a lot of loose clothing, bell sleeves, and flared jeans. All in all, it seems that comfort was key. And that, my friends, is my kind of style. Here are a few of my picks for your inner hippie this summer:

You can also see the film styles of Almost Famous, Frances Ha, and Summertime. Or some more Grace Slick here. Peace out, man!
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