Thursday, September 30, 2010

Burberry Prorsum Fall 2010

Burberry Prorsum Fall 2010

Burberry's collection is probably one of the best showcase of aviation/military inspired pieces that walked the runway. Loving everything!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Inspiration: Aviation

I find myself coming back to classic aviation over and over again. There's just something I find so appealing about it. It's taking the styles of the 30's and 40's (my favorite decades) and combining it with flying and adventure. It takes the masculine aspects of menswear (bomber jackets and boots) and throws in femininity (fur collars and tight pants). I love the idea of throwing a bomber jacket over a dress or boots over riding pants. Honestly, how chic and cool does the girl in the first photo look? That's what this trend epitomizes, and rightfully so.

First Outfit:
Bomber Jacket: Volcom, $80
Riding Pants: Browns, $225
Boots: Bluefly, $125
Bag: Topshop, $80
Sunglasses: Alex and Chole, $130

Second Outfit:
Bomber Jacket: Oasis, $115
Riding Pants: Opening Ceremony, $345
Boots: Piperlime, $99
Bag: Asos, $50
Sunglasses: Rayban, $165

Third Outfit:
Bomber Jacket: Delias, $50
Cargo Pants: American Eagle, $60
Boots: Endless, $50
Bag: Topshop, $100
Sunglasses: Refinery29, $425

Fourth Outfit:
Bomber Jacket: Net-a-Porter, $1,190
Pants: Burberry, $800
Boots: French Connection, $270
Bag: Vintage, $160
Sunglasses: The Row, $355

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Heat Wave





There goes my fall state of mind... it was 106 degrees today. Disgusting. Technically it's fall, but I'm still running around in tanks and mini skirts, this doesn't seem logical.

Shirt: Anthropologie
Skirt: Ebay
Sandals: Forever 21

Other outfits you might have seen these pieces in:

White Pants Right on Target three coins in the fountain

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Things From Around the Web

Hipster Dinosaurs! (So glad they're extinct...)

In the wake of the Burberry model's fashion week tumble, I found this Jessica Stam one that's even worse.

Being the shy girl that I am, sometimes I wish I could just slip a cute guy one of these.

What kind of type font mustache are you?

Wam! Pow! Pop Art nails!

How amazing is this typewriter waffle iron?

My Fall inspirations personified.

Find anything good this week?

Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Moccasin Moment

I'm totally having a moccasin moment... that has turned into a moccasin dilemma. Out of nowhere, I decided that all I really want to wear this fall are boots and moccasins. And while I know that's probably ridiculous, and I'm going to wear other shoes besides just boots and moccasins (since I don't even own a pair of moccasins, for one) I just can't shake the feeling that moccasins are probably the most comfortable shoes ever, and that gets me excited. The problem is, you'd think a moccasin is a moccasin is a moccasin, and that they're all the same-- but as I've found out, they are not the same at all! I have no idea what color I want (brown? black? tan?) what style I want (traditional? bootie?) or if I want to get soft sole or rubber sole, fringe or no fringe? I need help! Any thoughts or opinions?

Happy Saturday

"Many nights he lay there dreaming awake of secret cafés in Mont Marte, where ivory women delved in romantic mysteries with diplomats and soldiers of fortune, while orchestras played Hungarian waltzes and the air was thick and exotic with intrigue and moonlight and adventure"
--F. Scott Fitzgerald, This Side of Paradise

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fall Must-Haves

Fall '10 Must Haves

1. Lace Up Boots: Ruche, $39.99
2. Military Jacket: Calypso-Celle, $625
3. Purple Lipstick: Revlon (in plum), $5
4. Faux Fur Stole: Topshop, $50
5. Knit Scarf: Modcloth, $23
6. Embellished Tights: Modcloth, $14
7. Classic button-up shirt: American Eagle, $30
8. Brown Belt: SpottedMoth, $13
9. Fedora Hat: Swell, $50
10. Dark Gray Nailpolish: Drugstore, $8
11. Circle Skirt: French Connection, $45
12. Watch: Endless, $40
 13. Oxfords: Forever 21, $25
14. Leather Satchel: Topshop, $100
15. Over the Knee socks: Asos, $6

16. Cropped Trench Coat: Old Navy, $45
17. Black Skinny Jeans: Forever 21, $16
18. Moccasins: Tobi, $40

If you couldn't already tell, I'm definitely gravitating towards neutrals for fall. I'm also loving the menswear/military/adventure/collegiate looks (think Amelia Earhart meets Jane Goodall and studying abroad). Boots, jackets, tights... oh my! What are your must haves for fall?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

First Day of Fall: Summer Round Up!

one for the roadMemorial Day
The First in a Long LineKrystal Rae Necklace
Long Story ShortRomper Room
nieces partysummer days
Windstormdouble the fun

Today is the first day of fall-- and as I'm writing this my window is open and a cool breeze is blowing in-- I could not be more excited! Even though I love being able to wear dresses and skirts with simple sandals, I'm ready to start layering up! Even though, here in California that may still be awhile, but I'm still planning outfits in my head. So long, summer!
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