Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fake Tattoos

Fake Tattoos sent me some, well, some fake tattoos. I thought they would be fun and reminiscent of growing up buying cheesy fake tattoos from the ice cream man. Along with fake cigarettes, because what child didn’t have a fascination with all things taboo?

The cool thing about these, though, is that they aren’t cheesy. They’re like temporary tattoos for grown-ups! And ever since Chanel brought fake tattoos back as an accessory, you don’t feel as silly wearing them.

I picked a diamond for my finger, though because of the sizing it kind of just looked like a black blob. and some birds for my wrist. I like the bird one because it sort of represents being different than the rest, doing your own thing, standing out.

These are pretty ideal for those who have commitment issues with getting the real thing on their body. It’s nice to wear for a couple of days and then be able to change your mind and remove it with some rubbing alcohol. It’s being able to have the fun artwork without having to see it on your body for the rest of your life. Would you guys ever wear temporary tattoos as an accessory?

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